Clemson University

“93.3 the Planet”
Greenville, South Carolina

Founding Year: 1889
Address: Clemson, SC 29634
Acceptance rate: 51% (2015)
Total enrollment: 23,406 (2016)
Undergraduate tuition and fees: In-state tuition: 14,708 USD (2016), Out-of-state tuition: 34,590 USD (2016)

Mascot: The Tiger and the Cub 


With many summer camps closed, @BCRecreation has created a list of fun activities:

Happy Independence Day!

From the #stainedglass windows in Gargan Hall, Bapst Library: In Independence Hall, Philadelphia, the five drafters of the Declaration of Independence: Franklin, Adams, Jefferson, Sherman, Livingston. (Photo courtesy Office of University Communications)

The @C21Center and @RocheCenter are offering a virtual program Sundays at 9 a.m. to creatively engage young children in themes based on the Sunday Gospel.

Learn more and register:

“It was really gratifying to see somebody I’d known for so long suddenly pull the sword from the stone.” - Mathematics Professor Joshua Greene

Lisa Piccirillo '13 solved the 50-year-old Conway Knot Problem in a week:

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