Clinton or Trump


Devin Thompson

Over the last year, we have been inundated with Russia collusion stories from just about every news outlet that produces air or kills tress, but the public hasn’t witnessed, viewed, or read evidence proving Trump or people In his campaign in fact colluded with Russia. There has been a lot of conjecture by the entire alt-left and even some by the right with absolutely no proof. They have labeled Trump with a barrage of disgusting adjectives from wacko, nutcase, narcissist, to even Hitler, yet there is nothing proving he colluded with Russia. Eric Swallwell (d) from California called the hacking by Russia an act of war, and even eluded to sanctions against Russia, maybe physical war without concrete evidence Russia did anything wrong. I always thought Liberals were supposed to be the party of pacifist, but now they are the party of violence.

Now, we know Russia is a threat to the United States, and may always be. They are a super power with the capability of destroying half of the earth, but apparently this was not a problem when the Obama Adminisrtation along with Secretary Hillary Clinton allowed Russia to purchase 20% of our uranium being mined in the United States. That sounds insane the United States actually sold 20% to Russia, and only after the election, liberals now state they are a bigger threat.

What does this all mean? Nothing at this point, but there is a bigger paper trail showing Hillary colluded with Russia far more than Trump ever did. Especially now that Hillary seems scared to death the DOJ may start looking into her Mafia Style pay for play State run organization Obama allowed under his watch. We already know Hillary is dirty with the dossier, Fusion GPS, and the uranium one deal, but have we seen any evidence of Trump? Nope, yet the insanity of the liberal left goes unhinged everyday calling for impeachment. Sad days.

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