Clinton and Huma

Devin Thompson

Its amazing that after nearly forty years of lies, deception, treason, and suspicious deaths, there is not one scintilla of evidence anyone has been able to hold against the Clinton machine. You have to admit, they are absolutely brilliant manipulators. They have convinced two generations they are servants to the American people when they are nothing more than vultures attempting to further their own political careers. It’s really sad to be honest, think of what the two of them could have done had they focused on being just servants to the people rather then creating a Kennedy like atmosphere.  Instead, we were given the likes of Capone, just look at the amount of mysterious deaths surrounding the Clinton mafia org.and you’d assume it was a history lesson on the syndicate.

Clinton has been linked to so many scandals at this point (and deaths), it doesn’t really matter right now.  She has shown she is much better at committing crimes more so than any American mafia head.  Think about it.  They literally became multi millionaires during and after Bills presidency.  Why? Because people loved Bill so much, and they got to hang out with Hillary.  She does seem so personal.  No, it was because they knew Bill and Hillary loved money and they loved the power.  Anyone or any country knew they could get what they wanted for a price.

You probably ask, well how could they operate a scheme right in front of the most powerful policing agencies in the world and get away with it? Easy, they create a very small circle of people to surround themselves with:

Sidney Blumenthal

John Podesta

Huma Abedin

Jake Sullivan

Joel Benenson

Cheryl Mills

Philippe Reines


This is just a small list of people who are absolutely dedicated to keeping Bill and Hillary going in the political world.  The most recent events that have taken place concern the interactions of a fake company known as Fusion GPS.  They are the known facilitators between the Clinton campaign and the Ex British Spy Christopher Steele.  Hillary was able to shield herself from any direct contact with anyone at Fusion GPS and again evade any legal responsibility.

Interesting that a document that started the entire DOJ investigation into a rival campaign just so happened to be the result of inside information on President Trump The Hillary camp was looking for.

How does that work might you ask?

How can a rival campaign engage in OP research on another campaign, and somehow it turn it into a massive Russia conspiracy investigation?  Well it helps if you surround yourself with willing and able people to lie and skirt the law, and people who were willing to do it from the White House, the FBI, the DOJ, and now Congress.  The dossier would never have seen the light of day in any other election, but this was Hillary Clinton and she needed to delegitimize the election.

Enter Huma Abedin.  She is long time Clinton confidant who is the main shield for Hillary Clinton. Her job is to protect her from any scandal or any illegal prosecution.  Huma was sent many classified documents by Hillary, to which she ever denied receiving to the FBI (a felony).  She claimed she never received anything that could incriminate Hillary, and that they are both misunderstood women facing sexist predatory behavior by conservatives.  Mind you, 33,000 e-mails went missing, correspondence I’m sure that would have made a difference in this Russia Investigation, and why the American public help fund the dossier.  We will never know, and Huma won’t testify against Clinton.  Of course, her fake marriage to her pederast husband allows her to not divulge any criminal information. What a smart move.

So, any correspondence between the two is now gone, missing, destroyed, all of the above.  Hillary maintains her innocence as usual while the people around her protect her. I will say, she shouldn’t have chosen such a blowhard like Comey, who knew the head of the most powerful agency in the world would be so sensitive.

The Shield Continues.

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