Christianity under Fire


Devin Thompson

As Christmas has come and gone this past week, I began to think about the level of hatred from Atheist and the left have for people who believe Jesus is their lord and savior and how we look to him in everything we do. I in particular not only love my faith, but do not fear retribution for doing so, but many of my friends do. Why is that, why are christians afraid these days while any other religious sects are free from scrutiny in America?

As a matter of fact, if you criticize any other religion outside of Christianity, you are called a bigot. Why?

One of the main reasons I think we need to realize and generalize is the increase hatred by liberal left. They have heavily generalized and propagandized Christianity to be a form of white supremacy; whites, hating gays, and hating minorities, is supposedly the true foundation of Christianity, but that is obviously further from the truth. It’s the left playing its sick identity politics at the cost of christians ability to be outspoken.

Atheist are the second and very close to the increase hatred towards Christianity in this country. They hate The United States was founded on the Christian faith, and can be found in everything from the constitution to the bill of rights.

Atheist falsely push the separation of church and state narrative, but they misquote the idea of religion and government.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…

The most misinterpreted statement above makes no regard to lawmakers practicing religion in the open. As a matter of fact, There is no law prohibiting the practice of faith from an official, president or representative. Everyone can practice whatever faith they choose to, well unless if you’re a Christian I guess in their eyes.

So why do atheist and the left only hate Christianity yet praise the Muslim faith? Why do christians face derogatory attacks from a highly regarded savior of the left, Obama while he praises the Muslim faith?


Christianity is under attack in the United States by the identity politics of the left and the less than 2% atheist out there espousing anti-Christian rhetoric, and our elected officials need to be aware they can practice safely against this hate. We need safety, we need cause, we need to be against any religious indifference.

Merry Christmas and God Bless

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