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I don’t really know anything about the LGBT community, and I am ashamed to say I have avoided people like this in my life. I am sorry for that, when I asked to write for Radio Haven, I was given a great opportunity to reflect on the days events, and in doing so, I have met Rachel Biard. She is a transgender women who has taught me a lot about her struggle and the courage to be who she is. We were talking on the phone tonight as we watched Tucker, and she was mortified about the fake inclusivity courses Canada is forcing upon children. I thought about this after we got off the phone, and wanted to opine about it.

Forcing people to accept others is never the way to make people respect or make them understand their plight. Kindness and education is truthfully, in my opinion, the only way to achieve communication, and understanding. Making people forcibly accept others is wrong, almost Nazi like, but respecting their right to live is right and should be protected. One of the statements Rachel said to me that stuck in my head was her right to be respected amongst others, but that it should not to be forced by big brother. We all know humans have this inherent trait to resist when they are forced to do something, and forcing children at such a young age is criminal.

Children have the right to be children. They should not be taught about sex, politics, or drugs. They should be told about stranger danger, drugs are bad, and reading.

Simple things.

Why do we feel the need to change our childrens thoughts and behaviors? It’s unfair for them to be taught this at such a young age as Canada is attempting to do. Inclusivity doesn’t mean indoctrination. The LGBT community deserves the right to be respected, but not to force acceptance.

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