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In another life, I was a nurse who loved to interact with people on a personal level, and guide them in any way that I could. I did this for the better part of a decade working with various populations, never having a truly bad experience with any of them. Unfortunately, I did come across a great deal of red tape, and people who did not belong in this type of field that made it difficult for any one person to want to stay. Oddly enough, none of this was the reason I left.

Now that I am no longer a practicing Nurse (for now), I have reflected on my time in this profession, and the one aspect that affected the most, my one time boss. Towards the end of my time, in one such experience, I decided to take on the most difficult position I ever held in my career, a traveling hospice Nurse. This was truly the biggest challenge for me not only as a professional, but as a person. Dealing with people in the end of life stage is probably the most difficult, emotional, and heart wrenching experience anyone could ever deal with. I found myself entrenched in emotions I could never imagine in my lifetime on a daily basis and to top it off, I worked for one of the most insufferable people in the world.

She was one of the worst human beings I had ever dealt with in my time, and trust me, most of my clients were not the nicest people in the world, (but oddly) they didn’t come across any where near as horrible as this person. She is what drove me away from the profession. One person.

On a daily basis, she would make it a point to second guess my decisions in front of others, express regret of hiring me in front of colleagues, berate me in meetings, embarrass me with doing trivial work not related to my position, and most of all, harass me at my home. I would deal with this on an everyday basis, and yet I said nothing. I allowed this person to dictate my emotional stability for the better part of two years dealing with her deranged emotional outbursts being the soul recipient in the office. No one would defend me, no one would stand up for me, and in the end, everyone was just happy this (manager) did not make their lives a living hell.

Mind you, this person didn’t even have a full degree in anything. She was a hold over from a time forgotten tradition of promoting the stupid, but longevity employees in a company.

But, what does that say about our society as a whole?

I was an educated Nurse in the field I loved with 8 years experience at the beginning of my tenor as a hospice Nurse, and within 2 years, I was driven out by a (manager) who didn’t have any medical or psychiatric education. It’s really quite scary, and the company was aware of her actions, receiving dozens of complaints from current and ex employees. They did nothing. Not even a threat of firing.

What’s even more insane to me, is this person is still (managing) the hospice office, and still creating terror to the newer and older employees. I stayed in contact with three of them, and they say she is worse than ever. What makes a person so evil, so uncaring, so awful to make people decide what they worked so hard for is now gone. I wish I hadn’t left Nursing, and decided to stick it out, maybe moving to another part of it, but I found I developed a severe anxiety disorder that limited my ability to properly and professional do my job. I don’t believe this is the end for my career in Nursing, but it’s definitely hit a speed bump so large, that it’s taken me years to recover from.

You’re probably wondering why I am writing this given I am no longer a Nurse, and have been out for several years now, but I think it’s just therapeutic for me to express my disdain for how others can treat other human beings. I don’t know, being 53 and working in a totally different field, I guess I just realized the need for people to be nicer to one another no matter the situation.

When I found out the person who created this website was a former Social Worker, I felt like I had met a kindred spirit. Someone who could understand my plight without having to speak. I write this for all the people out there who are teachers, nurser, police officers, social workers, therapists, and everything else; we need to find a way to work in the best kind of conditions, to treat each other with graciousness, and to stop trying to destroy each other just because we don’t like who you are. We are all people, we are all human beings, and we are all tied together.


*This e-mail was sent to me asking to remain anonymous, and to place in the opinion section.

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