Al Franken: Sexual Predator


Devin Thompson

It has become more and more clear liberals are the party of BS. They lay claims they care about race, gender, and religious rights and freedoms, but we know they really don’t. Fake outrage and silence from pathetic comedians such as Sarah Silverman, Bill Maher, Samantha Bee, and Chelsea Handler all show their douche bag hypocrisy goes to no length. Regardless of your friendship, love or admiration for Louis CK or Al Franken, they are degenerates who have constantly and consistently spewed their liberal venom from soap boxes, all the while assaulting women.

Now that we have this clear evidence of disgusting behavior from these so-called women’s rights vocalists, do we honestly believe we have heard the last from these fake phony hypocrites? Most likely not, Al Franken is refusing to step down and Louis CK has said I’m Sorry. So all is apparently forgiven by the left.

We all know Al Franken is a disgusting human being who is about as witty as my butthole squeezing to get that last piece of poop out of my butt. I hate that piece of poop, and I hate Al Franken. He has sat in a senate seat for the last 9 years spewing his anti-American rhetoric while trying to divide this country as much as he possibly can. He offers nothing to the human race, and should be placed in a mental institute where he is fed once every three days. Go ahead and defend your boy liberals, that’s the face of your party, again.

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