Against Kavanaugh


Mike Sullivan

America is currently in jeopardy.  I know it, you know it, every American knows it. We currently have an illegitimate President in office who is currently destroying everything we all hold so dear, and yet there is nothing anyone is doing about it.  To make matters worse, he now has the ability to place another Supreme Court justice in office to a life time position if he is voted in.  Something only a winning president who didn’t use a foreign power to help him, should have the ability to make such a decision that will alter decisions for the people of America for a lifetime.

Secondly, we are also being told, Judge Brett Kavanaugh  attacked a woman 35 years ago, a Mrs. Christine Ford. She came forward with a very important event in her life that needs to be heard. This needs to be taken seriously, this needs to be investigated, this needs anything, but a vote of confirmation. Oddly enough, we are witnessing republicans and conservatives circling the wagon attacking this woman’s credibility.  Something no woman who has suffered such a despicable act should have done to her.

Where is the belief that woman who have suffered such an act should be believed?

How is this possible?

This is a man who championed torture under President Bush’s tenure, lied to congress about it, and now will be be making decisions for the rest of the American people.  Why can’t republicans wait, gain more evidence, take some time before this man is ascended to the SCOTUS?

America needs you to wait.

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